Perfect for your staff, vistors, guests and customer


  • Company Name and Branding
  • SWMS – Safe Work Method Statements
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Safety Policies
  • Venue Information
  • Job Location
  • Custom Details

$99 for 12 months for 1 SWMS + Toolbox Talk

Online Safety Registration includes

Electronic SWMS

Electronic Toolbox Talk

Just like signing in at a cafe, CrewGo provides your business Safety Induction Registration Form for staff and

visitors to easily view and accept your work, health and safety management system on their mobile devices.

CrewGo will custom create your Safety Induction form with a link accessible for any visitors and staff.

We can provide a QR code for visitors to scan with their camera to open the form or we can add the links as

buttons to your website and provide them in SMS and / or emails that can be automatically sent.

Example 1: Fixed Location

The fixed location Induction form is perfect for workplaces such as warehouses, offices and any venues where staff may be required to be inducted for safety

Example 2: Various Locations

The various locations Induction form allows your staff and guests to enter any work location into the form. This is very useful for tradies working in different workplaces, but with the same WHS requirements .

The CrewGo WHS Induction Form includes:

  • Your Company Details
  • Job Location Details – Optional
  • Venue Information – Optional
  • Your Safe Work Method Statement – SWMS – (mobile responsive) – Optional
  • Your Toolbox Talk – Optional
  • Your Policies and Procedures – Optional

We can customise your Safety Induction Registration Form to include any combination of the above the

elements or tailor it specifically to your needs.
Simply complete the below details to have your own Safety Induction Registration Form complete with your

own Induction QR code and CrewGo Web Portal access to view the records of all registrations.