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Add a new Bookings

There are two ways to create/add jobs in the CrewGo Booking Portal:

1.  Click Jobs on the left navigation bar.

2.  Click Create a New Job.

You can also click Add a New Job from the Main Home Page view.

3.  Fill out the required information for the job.

Industry: Select the industry from the dropdown list.

Job Title: Enter the job title for the job. If left blank, CrewGo Booking Portal will use the Job ID.

Location: Type the first three letters of the job location and the portal will suggest the location for you. A red pin will be dropped on the map once location has been set.

Meeting Place: This is an optional field but can be very helpful for the staff.

Start Date: The starting date of the job.

End Date: The completion date of the job.

4.  Click Save and Continue.

5.  Select Skill for your job in the dropdown list. Specify the number of staff needed for the job.
6.  Enter the Start Time and End Time of the job.

7.   Click Add Break for the breaktime of the staff.

8.  Add Break 1 Start and Break 1 End.

9.  Click Add This Job.

10.   You will be redirected to the Job Details page and you have the following options:

Save Job: Save the job which you can edit later.

View Quote: See how much the job cost.

Book Job: Book the job now.

At the upper right corner of the Job Details page, you can also:

Edit This Job: Edit the details of the job that you are creating.

Delete Job: Cancel or totally delete this job that you are currently creating.