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Crewgo Admin | 4th April 2018

Technology is constantly evolving, as a start-up company, we like to keep our minds open and always learn from new advancements and trends to filter the pros and cons. Tech can have big impacts on people’s everyday life, and we want to make sure it is a positive impact.

Best case in point, smartphones. From a simple phone call function expand to today that a smartphone can virtually do anything – from doing some math to connecting you with others around the world. That’s why we always eager to get our hands on the latest applications.

Our personal human connection is swiftly diminishing because we chose to talk over voice message and messaging apps. We are slowly ruining the quality of human interaction that we desperately need now.

With the overwhelming Facebook headlines of privacy breach over 50 million users worldwide, they finally speak out to promise to update privacy control.

Uber spend billions on its initial phase of the driverless program to replace humans to cut costs and streamline their service and yet it does not work out the way the hope

While there are cons with the way technology works, let’s take a look at the pros. Technology has so much greatness to offer from our everyday life to many professional practices such as medical, treatments for many diseases are making grounds. Researchers are making progress in finding cures for many life-threatening diseases. Technology is instrumental in surgery simulation, effective laboratory testing, patient data analysis and many more.

The digital economy is booming and thriving. Instead of eliminating people from the equation why not take advantage of this situation to create opportunities that will be beneficial for all.

And that’s exactly what we keep in mind while designing CrewGo concept, we capture the opportunities and expand them to many more workers out there hungry for work. We offer easy staffing solution while emphasizing its core principle of taking the welfare of job seekers seriously. It firmly believes that the human workforce is the most important business resource.

We acknowledge the rise of the “gig economy” and the need to have an avenue where job seekers can maximize their greatest potential. It is our objective to look after the workers and making sure they receive fair rates.

As one of the software service provider, it’s our moral obligation to be intelligent on how our services and products is innovative and offer better solutions to people’s everyday jobs. Which hopefully to expand business potential to offer workers with more jobs.

This blog is inspired by an article “Big tech’s bad week has made the world wake up” by Peter Hartcher, please see the original post via the link.

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